• Reaktor

    Reaktor, Sequence, Old School , Modular, Stockman

    just some some fun in creating a sequence ... click on the image smile

  • Solar Mission released on Solar Records

    It was 2008 when Mac and I wrote a musical story bout a Mission to the sun and back . Today 2017 this story is becoming actual again ... NASA decided to launch a probe to the sun. The Parker Solar probe is scheduled to launch on july 31st 2018. Mac and I even went a step further in our tale and we investigated the possibility of transmitting energy directly from the sun . The whole album is remastered soundwise every track was left in it's original state , nothing was changed in the compositions or arrangements. Hope you can enjoy our music/story as much as we did back then and as we still do today ! Good music is timeless ...

    Available for listening on on all major digital platforms Itunes Spotify  etc more info about our musical story and some samples of the tracks to be found on Mac's site Solar Mission


  • Part of the Industry Itunes & Apple Music

    stockman,part of the industry

    Part of the Industry Itunes

    Part of the Industry Apple Music

  • New Mauritz release

    Mixing Mastering Production and Video by Stockman Youtube link

  • Now mixing/mastering with the legendary SSL Sound using licensed SSL plugs

  • Part of the Industry review by Stephan Schelle Musikzirkus-magazine




    Lässt der Titel „Part Of The Industry“ eher unterkühlte und mechanische Klänge vermuten, so hat der Belgier Godefried Stockmans auf seinem neuen Album den Fokus doch mehr auf herrliche Melodien und warme Klänge gelegt. Ein sehr schönes Album, das noch so manche Runde in meinem Player drehen wird.

    Stephan Schelle, November 2014

  • Review by Sylvain Lupari ( Synth & Sequences )

    The strength of
    Stockman is to mix well an ambient and cosmic approach in rhythms which are more human. Bang-bang and tsitt-tsitt are well measured, the cybernetic dialogues are not too much exaggerated and the percussions click just enough in order to not want to close the sound. The melodious portion, as well as the ambient phases, is splendidly lying in good synth solos which remind the harmonious tones of the Dream, analog period. In fact, “Part of the Industry” strengthens the approaches of Kraftwerk, Element 4, Tangerine Dream and Jean Michel Jarre in an envelope of more contemporary trance. A beautiful buffet which feeds well the ears without asking too many efforts to the feet.
    Sylvain Lupari (October 25th, 2014)

    Lees meer...

  • Review by David Law


    Review by Dave Law (MusicZeit): 
    ‘Part of the Industry’ is an incredibly powerful album containing both bludgeoning rhythms as well as sequences.
    Even the backing often has a growl to it. Yet on many of the tracks the hooks are so infectious they are bound to get your whole body moving.
    Every track is superb and very accessible. It should have very wide appeal. Anyone except those with the very narrowest tastes in Electronic Music should really go for it. Take Tangerine Dream, Pyramid Peak, Kraftwerk and Jarre, blend them together with a little TNT and this is what it would sound like. I played it three times in a row on first listen. Highly recommended.
  • Mastering all Tracks for ' Part of the industry '

    All tracks are ready , I'm in the mastering process :-)



  • The Giant Wanderer remix (Monto Digitale vs Stockman )

    Danny aka Monto Digitale came up with this track several months ago . It was one of his early compositions , I instantly liked it very much,  Danny created a new version but I still missed some ' feeling ' from the old track.

    I got the idea to combine the two versions in this remix . Everything came as by wonder in place during the remix process ,  it's truly a magic track !

    We both like it very much , we hope you enjoy it too Lachen


    podcastThe Giant Wanderer remix ( Monto Digitale vs Stockman )



  • CD Part of the Industry

    Working/composing tracks for a new CD which will be released by the end of the year. It is called  ' Part of the Industry ' and will contain tracks that are related to the industrial world, which we are all part of . Here's a little teaser from the track ' Production Line ' the full track is 8' 40 and was made in corporation with Danny aka Monto Digitale. It tells the story of someone working on a production line , dreaming away hearing music . Enjoy !




  • 2014

    Best wishes to everyone , hope that 2014 can bring you luck & happiness !


    Created 1 great track called ' Last Journey ' together with Monto Digitale ... check it on Danny's Soundcloud ;





  • Composing Ambient tracks on new system.

    Recently changed my studio environment to a new Macbook and a Focusrite interface . It just sounds great now after some testing weeks. I started creating some new tracks on the new system.

  • Thanks to Sylvain Lupari for his review

    Sylvain Lupari wrote a very nice review about Experiment 545 ,  you can check it here ;

  • Experiment 545 Review by Stephan Schelle

    Had some good reactions from several people during the last months ...

    Thanks to all and yes indeed Experiment 545 is something special ... even the simply rolled out.


     Here's a review by Stephan Schelle von MusikzirkusmagazinLachen




  • Experiment 545 released by Syngate Luna

    The 6th album from the Belgian artist Godfried Stockmans aka STOCKMAN is suitable for listeners who like industrial ambient. It describes an ecological disaster of incredible extent after a failed experiment having consequences for the entire civilisation. The music mirrors doubts, confidence and suspension during the experiment. After its failure and extensive contamination despair, grief, rage, hope and resignation are expressed in different varieties. But the world keeps changed and empty...                     

  • Stockman ' Experiment 545 ' A Syngate Luna release end of the year

    Finally after 2 1/2 years ... here are some ' slices ' from the forthcoming release.

    Experiment 545


    Toxic Atmo

    Genetic Code

    Experiment 545 tracklist

    1 Experiment 545 11.20 / 2 Contamination 10.50 / 3 Toxic Atmo 8.34 / 4 Genetic Code  10.28 / 5 The Last of its kind 7.38 / 6 Strange Reflections 8.50

    Enjoy Knipogen

  • New Ambient CD in the making

    Happy to announce that Syngate will start with an Ambient Branch... I'm planning to release a new Ambient CD by the end of the year.

  • HAPPY 2012

    Happy 2012 for everyone !

    Still composing and arranging new tracks for projects to come Lachen

  • New CD by end of the year

    As usual I try to release a new CD at the Syngate Festival... however this year I have to delay the release, cause my father passed away a few weeks ago and I like to scheme the release by the end of the year.Let's assume less stress for me at this moment... and at the end more quality for you listeners !

  • End of 2010

    Thanks to everyone for their support ... again working on a new album... to be released in 2011

    Merry Xmas

    Happy New year Lachen

  • Satzvey Castle 10 april 2010

    Simply click the CD on the right for info

  • Sequences On Request

    To be released soon by Syngate ' Sequences on Request ' a new CD packed with sequences and combined with some ambient moods.2174 booklet

  • Satzvey was ok

    The live performance at Satzvey with all friends from Germany was ok. Some pictures can be found here'm completing a new Ambient CD this summer and some other small projects too.

  • Kraftwerk Tribute Germany

    At Satzvey Castle 25th april 2009 click on the picture to the right

  • Happy 2009 to all of you.

    First stop killing innocent people with stupid wars.............................Thanks to all who supported me and my music. 2008 will allways be remembered with the album ' Solar Mission ' that Mac ( Bionight ) and I created together.This is the CD that I always wanted to make and thanks to Mac it's a great piece of music . New in 2009 will be a truly ambient album ( in which I go on experimenting with sounds/moods ) and ofcourse the ' live ' Kraftwerk tribute at the Satzvey Electronic Music Festival in april.