• FEB Chill a can

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  • Monark

    One of the best virtual bass synths around 

  • The Gap Between

    A musical side project to explore musical frontiers , voices created with the free Clara's Vocal Bank Kontakt Library by Stefano Maccarelli (  thx and respect ! )

    Journey in a musical landscape ... a laidback composition using creative sound/mixing techniques            

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                                                                  S 61 keyboard.jpg

  • A Groove impression in Reaktor

    reaktor,programming,groove,flesh,polyplex,prism,native instruments,stockmans,godfriedMore programming in/with Reaktor ... click the image 

  • Reaktor

    Reaktor, Sequence, Old School , Modular, Stockman

    just some some fun in creating a sequence ... click on the image smile